Visit MOTARASU at 3daysofdesign 2022

Meet Tani Toshiyuki

The designer by our unique bamboo lamps
Hokore, Sen & Ron pendant

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Join us for the launch of the Ron pendant and meet Tani Toshiyuki – the designer behind.

MOTARASU showroom at Frederiksgade 1 4th
Illums Bolighus window display at Amagertorv

MOTARASU exhibition at 3daysofdesign

Walk past Illums Bolighus at 3daysofdesign and get inspired
by MOTARASU amazing exhibition in their street window.
The window display exhibits a selection of MOTARASU
furniture and interior designs.

The exhibition will be characterized by Japandi trends and styling.
At 3daysofdesign we will launch our new Ron pendant,
designed by Tani Toshiyuki

The Ron pendant combines the bamboo craftsmanship
with Japanese paper shades. You can see the Ron pendant
at the exhibition in Illums Bolighus window display,
and in our showroom at Frederiksgade 1.

Tani Toshiyuki

Tani Toshiyuki has a degree from the Kobe Design University in Japan,
and he is a designer and crafter of unique lighting.

He is a new generation of lighting designer.

He is noted for his approach of implementing traditional
woodcraft and bamboo-craft techniques into contemporary
design. His delicate sense of the interplay of light and shadow.
Tani is dedicated to keep the traditional crafts alive
with new artisans continuing techniques.

Tani Toshiyuki will join MOTARASU at 3daysofdesign

He will be in the window display in Illums Bolighus at Amagertorv
and make daily demonstration of his work with bamboo sticks.
He is using the Japanese technique called takesensuji.
He is adding the technique a modern look and use to create his bamboo lamp designs. Tani will in the window display and show
you all about the craftmanship that goes into each piece.

What is the takesensuji technique?

The takesensuji technique is a thousand year old technique from Japan, that was traditionally used to make insect cages and paper lanterns. It is only few people in the world who master this technique.
This craftmanship is notable for being woven out of thin bamboo strips measuring as little as 0,8 mm
in diameter. A bamboo piece is made by using a unique bending technique to create thin flexible strips, which are inserted into a bamboo base frame drilled with small holes and then woven into beautiful free-form shapes.