3 Days of Design 2023

MOTARASU exhibited from two locations:

Store Kongensgade 99, 1264 Copenhagen
Frederiksgade 1, 1265 Copenhagen
On June 7, DAWN designer Anne Brandhøj joined us to present the award-winning wall light. On June 8, visitors had the opportunity to meet some designers behind the brand around drinks & music.

Zen atmosphere

The space was thoughtfully
designed, with a unique touch of tranquility. The floor was covered in sand, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a calm beach setting.

This design choice perfectly complemented the new lamp, DAWN, which beautifully emulated the sunrise. The combination of the sandy floor and the lamp’s gentle illumination evoked a sense of serenity and peacefulness, making it an unforgettable display at the event.

The space was shared with brand partners:

ASPLUND for tables and closet.

COTODAMA Lyric speaker for loud speakers.

Tina Hueg at Cocoon Tea Artisans for tea served.

I Tråd Med Verden for the curtains at the entrance in reused textile.


Drinks & Designers
On June 8th, Visitors had the opportunity to come for drinks & music and meet some of the designers behind the MOTARASU designs, including Bly Studio, the designer of the new award winning DAWN wall lamp.

Anne Brandhøj from Bly Studio
On June 7th, the designer, Anne Brandhøj from Bly Studio will give a talk about the creation process of the award-winning DAWN wall lamp, and the participation in the Danish TV show Denmark’s Next Classic together with Eva Fly.

At the same time, Stefan Peters from NordicWannabe brought with him the Scandinavian Design Award 2023 for the DAWN Wall lamp.

We thank all visitors during 3daysofdesign at our pop-up gallery in Store Kongensgade and on the other location we exhibited. We enjoyed the sandy zen space and all the good energy of the visitors.