Kappo Ando

Project at restaurant Kappo Ando featuring the RON pendant
The RON pendants from MOTARASU bring an artistic and aesthetic touch that blends harmoniously with the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Blue hour

Kappo Ando captures the feeling of walking through the alleys of a Japanese city at blue hour. A place where all the senses come alive thanks to the interior designs made by some of the finest craftsmen in Denmark and Japan.

Kappo Ando is located in Copenhagen. The vision is to preserve the authenticity of Japanese tradition through its menu and decor.

The RON pendant is designed by the Japanese designer Toshiyuki Tani and combines the bamboo craftsmanship of the artist with the softness and warmth of the paper shade. The RON pendant's Japanese paper complements the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal.

Kappo Ando
Øster Farimagsgade 93,
2100 København