Mads Emil Garde

In the realisation that life is sometimes more complex, Mads Emil Garde tries to balance his designs between practical needs, simplified forms and an aesthetic that stimulate thought and reflection.

Mads Emil Garde is an architect, interior designer and furniture designer. He is a member of the group called ‘SE – Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling’.

“Being a child of ‘Form follows function’ and ‘Less is more’, over the years I have developed a love for more complex and poetic designs."

- Mads Emil Garde

Black daybed with three textile cushions, placed next to a glass door


“By compressing the use of several components, the traditional bed-rib is shaped to serve as both bed-base and legs. The multiplied bed-rib is assembled to a bed with a sculptural yet functional form.”

- Mads Emil Garde