Masayuki Koitabashi

In his work, Masayuki Koitabashi pursues a plain figure; the universal symbol of the ‘circle’.  His imprints are made from wooden blocks on Japanese washi paper made of bamboo – wood on wood. It is modern expressions created with the ancient old Japanese art form.


Every artwork is carefully made by hand by Masayuki Koitabashi, and each piece is signed and numbered as a limited edition with 20-100 pieces of each of the three artworks.

“I find my inspiration in beautiful music,beautiful landscapes, the changing of the four seasons, and a lot of fertileimagination of the world. Like beautiful musicand like beautiful landscapes, I would like to make an artwork that snuggles upto life.”

- Masayuki Koitabashi

Masayuki Koitabashi is a Japanese xylographer based in Yokohama. He was born in 1982 and has made woodblock print works since 2010.

Masayuki Koitabashi has exhibited all over Japan, including the renowned Mina Perhonen stores. Masayuki Koitabashi continuously exhibits his art across Japan and has created the three art works especially for MOTARASU.