Masuko Unayama

Masuko Unayama hopes to give an
impression of kindness and reliability in her lifestyle designs. She thinks that the design should speak to all five senses and be exquisite and warm: Designs that you would want to use yourself or give to someone close to you.

Designed by Masuko Unayama

Salad cutlery placed in a porcelain bowl, side view

WA salad cutlery

Front view of the wooden tray, small size

UNION tray

“I like to study the old to understand the NOW. “Monozukuri”, stories to tell, reflects my thinking. Ordinary and natural, modest ideas with a really big spirit.”

– Masuko Unayama

Masuko Unayama has a degree from Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College. She is an interior designer with his own company and as well an interior shop called SyuRo, focused on planning and direction related to spatial displays and lifestyle products.

Masuko Unayama has won the Good Design award in 2017.