Mikael Jackson

Mikael Jackson’s work is the result of an abstract study of the dynamics at work within a tightly controlled organic form. He always works with geometrical shapes, repetition and variations in different constructions.

The elements vary from project to project, as do the method of stacking, connecting and balancing, always testing the limits: when is something harmonic and when is it chaotic?
Ray of light casting over the steel sculpture


“SEN is an examination of the ability to contrast fragility with strength, the visually tight opposed to lose expression, and the orderly with chaos. It is a balancing act, and the black metal becomes lines in the air, strong yet seemingly fragile.”

- Mikael Jackson

“From a distance you get the impression that each object’s complexity is casually organized. Yet as you approach more closely, you recognize the meticulous system that each object depends upon the others.”

- Mikael Jackson

Mikael Jackson is a Bachelor from Kolding design school, Denmark and Konstfack, Sweden, MA from Royal College of Art, London, UK.

He has been awarded Ole Haslunds artist foundation for his work in general.