FUJI pendant

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FUJI is a reimagination of the traditional circular shape of the paper lantern, crafting an equilateral octagon solely through the use of heat treatment, without relying on any wire structure.

Fuji is named after the famous Japanese mountain. This piece originates from Mito, celebrated as one of the primary regions for paper lantern craftsmanship. The lantern's exterior has undergone a special process to repel water and stains, incorporating eco-friendly components like a PET resin framework. Typically, bamboo or wire is used for the lines of the frame, but for this lamp the frame has been cast in PET resin to let light through the frame and minimize the silhouette.

Also available in the series is the SHIZUKU and TAMA pendant.

Width: 46 cm
Height: 35 cm
Depth: 46 cm
Weight: 410 g


  • Washi paper shade on PET resin
  • Hiba wood cone shaped top, natural oiled
  • White textile cord, length 3 m
  • Light source is an incandescent E27 60W bulb or equivalent LED


The pendant can be cleaned for
dust using a dry soft cloth.

The pendant comes packed in a solid outer cardboard box.

“We challenged ourselves to express softness with only straight lines and their combination.”

Designer Toshiyuki Tani


Toshiyuki Tani


SHIZUKU pendant

TAMA pendant