RON pendant

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The RON pendant combines the bamboo craftsmanship of the artist with the softness and warmth of the paper shade.

A unique feature is that the paper shade can be turned upside down and change the expression of the lamp.

Often paper lamps are constructed with bamboo or wire, but for the RON pendant the Japanese paper is instead wrapped around PET resin and starchy glue to let light through and reduce the shadow of the paper itself.

Width: 46 cm
Height: 35 cm
Depth: 46 cm
Weight: 285 gr


The Japanese paper shade is made by the craftsmanship of Mito, which is one of Japan’s three largest lanterns makers. The paper is treated with coating to prevent from water and stains.

The top and bottom part is handmade of bamboo and will over time get the traditional sought for amber hue colour. When used in a room with high ventilation or with lots of sunlight the amber colour will appear sooner. White textile cord, length 3 m and light source is an incandescent E27 60W bulb or equivalent LED.

Please note that colours shown on screen might differ to some extent from colours on the actual object, so we cannot guarantee a colour match. Also the natural material used may differentiate in appearance from object to object.


The pendant can be cleaned for dust using a dry soft cloth.

The RON pendant comes packed in a solid outer box.

“We challenged ourselves to express softness with only straight lines and their combination.”

Designer Toshiyuki Tani
Pendant light made of bamboo and paper, lights on
Adjustable pendant light with the shade turned upside down
The pendant's shade is adjusted as it can be turned upside down

The paper shade can be turned upside down and change the expression of the lamp.


Toshiyuki Tani

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