FLOAT chair

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FLOAT is a dining chair, with an open back giving a gentle flexibility and comfort. The design and functionality make FLOAT suitable in several room types and settings including restaurants as it is stackable by four.

A simple and gently curved steel tube frame carries the wood seat and backrest. Hard and soft, cold and warm meets in both design and material to create the balance. FLOAT chair comes in a natural oak or black ash veneer seat and backrest on a steel frame with a black structural powder coating.

FLOAT is the first furniture design realized in a design collaboration between the two designers, Lars Vejen and Taijiro Ishiko.

FLOAT is manufactured in the windy North of Denmark.

Seating height: 45 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 75 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Weight: 7,5 kg


The seat and backrest of the FLOAT chair is made of wooden veneer with oak on the top layers with a core of beech wood, in a choice of natural oil or black painted finish. The frame is made of a high strength, ⌀18 mm steel tube with a fine structure black powder coating.

Please note that colours shown on screen might differ to some extent from colours on the actual object, so we cannot guarantee a colour match.  Also the natural material used may differentiate in appearance from object to object.


The oiled oak veneer leaves the wood looking natural and gives a soft surface. Over time it will develop a natural patina, enhancing the beauty of the material. Dust can be removed using a dry soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Cleaning of the wood can be done using a soft cloth wrung in lukewarm water stroking in the grain directions and immediately dry off with a soft cloth. If a more severe cleaning is needed, specific soap for oiled wood furniture can be used following the instructions of the packaging. Re-oiling can be done if the wood starts to look faded or the softness of the surface diminishes. Make sure to find the right oil for indoor wood furniture and follow the instructions of the packaging.

The black painted oak veneer can be regularly cleaned for dust by using a dry soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Cleaning of the wood can be done using a soft cloth wrung in lukewarm water with a mild solution of universal cleaning agent added. Dry off immediately using a soft cloth.

The powder coated steel can be cleaned by a soft dry cloth and if needed the soft dry cloth can be wrung in lukewarm water and gently applied and dry off with a dry cloth straight after. Avoid using aggressive cleaning detergents or abrasive cleaning agents as it can damage the surface permanently.

The FLOAT chair comes fully assembled (stacked by up to 4 chairs depending on the number of chairs purchased) in a solid outer box.

Dining chair with open back, placed in a study room

“FLOAT is a chair with a clear and visible constructive simplicity while at the same time challenging the classic.”

Designers Lars Vejen & Taijiro Ishiko


Lars Vejen & Taijiro Ishiko

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