YOKO pitcher

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The YOKO pitcher is a significant and distinctive piece of tableware. Its simple, sculptural shape with strong, sharp edges challenges the soft material of porcelain.

The pitcher is available in eggshell white and dark navy blue. It contains 0,27L

YOKO is a distinct tableware collection which is inspired by the design duo Stilleben’s first trip to Japan, hence the Japanese girl’s name Yoko. The simple, sculptural shapes challenge the material of the porcelain: it should be sharp, yet the material is soft. The teapot is the centerpiece of the collection, and the mug and little pitcher add a ceremonial feeling to the set.

Width: 11.3 cm
Height: 13.8 cm
Depth: 3.8 cm
Weight: 230 g
Contains: 0.27 L


All YOKO items are made of white porcelain with high-fired porcelain glazes making it highly durable. Colours shown on screen might differ to some extent from colours on the actual object.


Porcelain is highly durable and can withstand use with a dishwashing machine and microwave.

Each item in the YOKO collection comes individually packed in a natural, simple and beautiful box that can be re-used, wrapped with a paper sleeve with a drawing of the specific design.

Porcelain tea set placed on a wooden table, in front of a vase

“We wanted to create a sculptural and distinctive tableware collection, that could underline the purity of the white porcelain, and create moments of focus and calmness. The Yoko collection is inspired by our first trip to Japan in 2015.”

The designer duo Stilleben



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Navy blue porcelain blue with a shiny surface, side view

YOKO teapot

Light blue tea mug, cylindrical shape, front view

YOKO mug